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Website Design Strategy

website design strategyWhen it comes to Internet marketing strategy, your website is the vehicle in which you will convert people from visitors on the Internet to clients in your real-world business. Just about everything you do online serves the purpose of drawing traffic to your website and consequently converting anonymous Internet readers into paying clients. All the traffic in the world is no use to your business if your website fails to yield new contacts. For your website to be effective, it must appear professional and authoritative, and it must express a strong call-to-action. Finally, it must provide the viewer with visible, simple invitations to contact you or your business directly. Crafting and adhering to a comprehensive and cohesive website design strategy will allow you to build and operate the best possible website.

Target the Right Audience

Your website should speak directly to the people who you are trying to target as future clients. Achievement of this goal requires a high degree of self-knowledge. What exactly is your service or product? The purpose of any business is to meet the specific needs of its clients. What needs do your business meet? Speak directly to these needs. Determine how to most effectively brand yourself to gain the interest and trust of potential clients. Typically, you want to appear professional, authoritative, competent, but also easy to work with. Your website should be a distillation of these attributes.

Content Development and Organization

You want your website to be content rich, without appearing cluttered or unmanageable. Consider the home page of your website with the same attention to detail as you would the foyer of your office. This page should appear clean, crisp, well organized, and should provide readers with a brief overview of who you are, and what you do. The home page should also contain easy to follow links to the other pages of your website. An about page should include a personal, colloquial message addressed directly to your potential clients. The bulk of your website’s content should be a high number of content pages, which specifically detail each product or service that your business provides. Attorneys should include a page for each area of expertise, and real estate agents should include a page for each community they represent.

website designAesthetics and Design

Holding people’s interest and attention on the Internet is no easy matter. You want your website to stand out, you want it to reflect your brand, you want it to look organized and professional, and you want it to be easy to use. You must choose the general layout plan for your website in such a way that balances simplicity with lots of content. You will also have to decide the colors, contrast, fonts, images, and the other aesthetic design qualities of your website. People want to have a choice, and they want to be in control. Your website needs to be interactive and nonlinear to account for this. Your goal is to keep people viewing your website long enough for them to decide to reach out and contact you directly.

Blogs and Social Media

To ensure ongoing traffic generation, you will want to include a blog on your website. A link to your blog should be easy to find on the main pages of your website, and the blog itself should be continually updated. Links to your various social media accounts should also be readily available and should allow your visitors to share your blog posts and other information throughout social media.

website analyticsMonitoring Traffic and Using Analytics

Your involvement with your website must not end once it is completely designed and launched; you must maintain ongoing monitoring of its performance. Tools like Google Analytics provide a user-friendly interface to track site performance using graphical statistics. If you find that your site is performing well, increasing traffic, and converting clients, you know that your website design strategy is effective. If you find that your site underperforming, then you should consider rethinking your strategy.

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