Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing StrategyThe attention spans of your potential clients are getting shorter and shorter, as they become increasingly distracted by technology and an inundation of online content. Video marketing is a great way to catch people’s attention, and generate interest and traffic for your website. When it comes to video marketing, and Internet marketing in general, the goal is not to create commercials. The moment that your target audience feels as though they are being directly marketed to or manipulated, they will start viewing your video as a commercial, and stop paying attention. You want your videos to be helpful, informative, and interesting. In short, they must have some kind of value – educationally, aesthetically, or otherwise. A thoughtful video marketing strategy will help you create effective video content, share it, and draw potential clients to you website.

Video Production

Creating effective video marketing content does not have to be overly demanding or expensive. You can create and edit videos directly using your smartphone, cheaply contract how-to and explanatory animated videos online, or call for user-made material. Creativity goes a long way in the process of video content creation. Depending on the intended purpose of your video, you may want the content to be text or image based. Typically, brevity is key. Considering that your videos will be posted to Facebook or other social media sites, people are more likely to view short videos over longer ones.

Marketing and SEO

If you take the time to create video content, you want to make sure that a lot of people are going to see it. Be sure to widely share your video content throughout as many of your social media accounts as possible. You want your video content to be engaging and discussable, so that your viewers will do some of the legwork for you by linking and sharing your videos. Helpful, easily findable videos will also encourage return viewers, and can be launched in a serial format.

Although Youtube is the most common and well-known video sharing site, it is not the only effective way to share your content, and generate traffic to your website. Even if you host your video on Youtube, be sure to link it to your other social media accounts. If your content is good, people will share it on Facebook and other sites as well. You also want to title your videos properly to account for keywords, and employ the same SEO tactics as you would to your written content.

Call to Action and Traffic Generation

As with all of your online marketing, the primary goal of your video marketing strategy is to generate traffic to your website, and convert viewers into paying clients. When you create your video content, you want it come off as informative and helpful, but you also want it to include some kind of call to action which will bring people to your website. To some extent, effective content will do this on its own. As long as people can clearly see that your business is the one behind the video content, they will take the step to visit your website for more content and information.

To really drive traffic to your site, end your video with a call to action. Try not to be overly direct. Just let viewers know that they can find more useful information on your website, or encourage them to contact you directly. Remember, you want to come off as helpful, trustable, authoritative, but not pushy.

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