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Traffic Generation Strategy

Traffic Generation StrategyThe two main goals of your Internet marketing campaign are to generate traffic to your website and then to convert this traffic into paying clients. The first goal serves the second. Consider the process of converting visitors into clients as mining – the larger the mine, the higher the yield. A well-planned traffic generation strategy will ensure that you are effectively coordinating your efforts to generate traffic to your website, both online and off. You should always be thinking of how you can draw visitors to your website. When it comes to generating traffic, diversity is key. Be sure to take advantage of all the options available to you, and stay consistent.

Content Development and Blogging

One of the most effective ways to generate traffic to your website is to fill your site with lots of written content. You want your main website to be full of high-quality written content, which Google and other websites can crawl and index. Your website should clearly explain the specific services that your business provides and the locations in which you are active.

Once your main website is fleshed out with content, you want a vehicle with which to continuously add new content. A blog is your best option in this regard. By frequently and regularly updating a blog, you will be able to strategically add relevant content, and continually link people to your main site. Your blog can be the foundation of your SEO and social media strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is all about ranking well with Google and other major search engines. If your website comes up first when someone performs an Internet search, then chances are they are going to visit your site. The key here is to have your website score high on as many unique searches as possible. Whenever someone searches for a keyword which pertains to the services that your business provides, you want to be more visible than the competition.

If you find that your website in not scoring well for a specific keyword, write a blog post around that keyword. Give Google something to index, and give people something to click on. Doing so will generate traffic to your website that would have gone straight to your competition otherwise. Effective SEO is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge over your competitors.

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Using Social Media Platforms

Once you have a quality website filled with quality content, you want to do everything that you can spread awareness about your site. It is important that you remain active on as many of the major social media networks as possible. With these accounts, you can share your blog posts, communicate directly with potential clients, and drive traffic to your main website. As with your blog, be sure to remain consistent with your social media activity.

Never forget that you can also generate traffic for your website offline in the real world. As you engage in your traditional marketing practices, be sure to reference your web address, and provide people with the information needed for them to find your website. As you network offline, hand out business cards with your website URL clearly printed on them. Include your website in television or radio commercials or any other advertising you use. If your website is optimized for a high conversion rate, the more people you are able to direct to your site, the more clients you will gain. Always be looking to direct traffic to your website.

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