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Targeted Competitive SEO Strategy

Competitive SEO StrategyThe best website in the world will not yield new clients for your business if no one is visiting it. Except for the low percentage of people who are going to be typing your web address directly into the URL bar, visitors will find it through a search engine – probably Google. To ensure that your website comes up first for any as many searches as possible, it is imperative that you develop a targeted SEO strategy. To do so, you must define the needs and wants of your target audience, use keywords to maximize traffic generation, and continually perform a comparative analysis on your website’s performance, in relation to the competition.

Define the Needs and Wants of Your Target Audience

The first step in an effective SEO strategy is to understand and define your target audience. It is important that you understand the demographics and Internet habits of your potential new client base. Which social media networks do they use? What are they searching for? Read existing market research to gain answers to your queries. As you go, you will continuously be able to learn more about your target audience. Be sure to pay attention, take notes, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Knowing who your target audience is, and precisely what they are looking for, will help you reach out and communicate with them more directly and effectively.

Use Keywords to Maximize Traffic Generation

One of the biggest reasons why you want to get to know your target audience is to understand which keywords they are searching for. Figure out which keywords are used in popular searches within your location and field. Create keyword databases, and track how well your website is scoring on Google and other search engines for each of your target keywords. To boost search engine results, create content on your website and blog around these specific keywords. Your goal should always be to come up first on search results. But remember, jumping from 8th to 2nd will gain you a lot more visitors than jumping from 80th to 20th. Play your strong suits.

Comparative Analysis

SEO is a fundamentally competitive endeavor. For your website to move up in search engine rankings, other sites must move down. Tracking your progress is as easy as performing a Google search for a target keyword, and seeing if your website’s ranking has changed. If a competitor’s website consistently outranks yours, research their site, and try to figure out what they are doing right. The field of SEO is always changing and evolving, and so should your strategy.

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