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SIMC Founding History

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2003: Our Beginnings

Toward the end of 2002, our founder began transitioning to the civilian life from her military service as an Electronics Technician (ET2/E-5) in the Navy. She started with a small eBay store (back when eBay was cheap and PayPal was free) and grew her small company to a full-fledged e-commerce site (rare back then) that grossed $300K in its first year (even rarer at the time). She imported product from all over the world and ran the entire business from a laptop computer. The company was number one on Google (and DogPile – yes, they are still around) before number one on Google meant anything to anyone. She realized she was seriously on to something. She worked with content on the site to show up for different search terms with astounding results.This all happened YEARS before search engine optimization was even thought of by most people.

Heck, most people thought AOL WAS the Internet (remember… “You’ve got mail!”). She was a geek. Her friends thought She was crazy. Her family thought she was crazy. She would sit up for 2-3 days playing with the site and watch the numbers climb. Geek was paying. In the first year, the company opened a brick-and-mortar location to keep up with the demand.

By 2004 she had sold the retail business for a profit and began her romance with Internet marketing.

2004: Specialized Knowledge

From 2004 through 2007 our founder gained specialized knowledge of Internet marketing through serving clients as an SEO, SEM and SMM consultant. She authored several Internet and direct marketing manuals for small businesses and real estate agents around the world. She worked as a contributing author to several websites and offered advice on dominating Google search results. She masterminded the process of Abundance Through Online Presence Management™ and offered exclusive team-based and self-help luxury services to small business owners that desired the financial autonomy that a successful marketing strategy can provide.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Building Relevance Through Content
  • Driving Traffic for Small Business
  • Real-life experience with many successful organizations
  • Personal experience in the extreme highs and the ‘dirt-up-your-nose’ lows of being a ‘boot-strap’ entrepreneur
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2007: Corporate World

In the corporate world, our founder loved working with many small business owners, getting them together to share ideas, and watching their businesses grow. Eventually, as with most corporate environments, the company found ways to take her away from the small business owners and started pushing her into corporate relations areas of the business that ‘needed more attention’. She was told that the small business owners that needed help were no longer a priority. She submitted her resignation and moved on to freelancing.

2009: Freelancing

For several years our founder worked as a freelance Internet marketing consultant working for real estate clients, lawyers, and small business owners on an individual basis. She worked with each person, each client, each company, one-at-a-time and helped them achieve phenomenal results.

2013: Incorporated SIMC Corp

In 2013, Strategic Internet Marketing Corp was incorporated. Because the business outgrew the ability of one person to manage many accounts, teams were formed to keep up with client requirements. With the help of talented and experienced in-house teams, we provide full-service Internet Marketing packages that make our clients lives easier and their businesses busier. Eventually, the name Strategic Internet Marketing Corp was shortened to SIMC Corp and that is now the legal name of the company.

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2016: Doctoral Studies

In 2016, our founder returned to graduate school to study for her Ph.D. in marketing. With a specialization in Integrated Internet Marketing Communication, she applies her studies and industry research efforts to continually improve and refine our services for our clients based ONLY on proven case studies, scholarly peer-reviewed articles, and published doctoral research. Over the next several years, our services will continue to evolve with new industry research while simultaneously catapulting your business past that of your competition.

2017: What We Do Is Simple

We help legal and real estate professionals dominate THEIR geographical market on the Internet. We do not believe in passing-the-buck. With one point-of-contact, you always know exactly what is going on and there is never any ‘he said’ ‘she said’. We work with clients that need our knowledge, appreciate our specialized experience, and leverage us to increase their online exposure.

Our clients understand that THEY have to concentrate on their business and it is OUR job to work behind-the-scenes to increase their Internet exposure, traffic, and leads. Quite simply, we are their secret marketing weapon. In fact, we can say that we wrote the BOOK on Strategic Internet Marketing.

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How Can We Help You Grow Your Business?

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A website is not only your customer’s first impression of your business but also the foundation for all of your online marketing efforts.

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Organic leads are your long-term strategy for success. Time and effort are needed to rank well in Google and other search engines for multiple keywords.

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This is a proven INSTANT lead system, developed by our founder, that generates leads from social media FAST! Contact us for details.

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