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Responsive Website Design Strategy

responsive-websiteResponsive website design strategy is a necessity when building a new website for your business. Increasingly, potential clients are accessing your website on a variety of different devices, with varying screen size. Your website must be just as view-able on mobile devices as it is on larger laptop or PC screens. By implementing a careful responsive design strategy in building your new website, the elements of your site will instantly resize for proper viewing on all devices. Your site’s performance will also improve with faster loading times, the correct placement of content, and responsive navigation menus, which will adjust according to the user interface.

Lower Bounce Rates

Responsive sites with high-quality content have lower bounce rates. A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who enter and leave your website from the same page. Frustration is the main reason why visitors abruptly leave, and this is usually because they cannot access the website properly (non-responsive design) or did not find the information that they were seeking. If a consumer has to spend time enlarging or scrolling through the images and links on your site to find what they need, they tend to leave and go to a site that is more mobile-friendly.

What You Can Do to Make Your Website More Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Avoid using plugins such as Quicktime, Flash, or others that are not optimal for mobile users. Keep the images on your site to 960px in width to avoid the need for excessive scrolling to see the image displayed fully. Fonts under 11px will be too small for a mobile user to read, so keep fonts above this size. Rather than building and maintaining a separate mobile site, build a responsive site that uses the same HTML code for all visitors, but has a built in mechanism for adjusting the display in response to each particular device.

website trafficIncreasing Your Web Traffic

Your search engine rankings are affected by the responsiveness of your website. A single site that provides access for all internet enabled devices will be placed higher in search engine rankings and will bring in a higher volume of traffic for your site. Having your site provide fully-optimized displays on any screen size is the current expectation of modern consumers, and is rewarded greatly by Google and other search engines. A fully mobile-friendly site will come up higher even on searches performed on a laptop or PC.

How to Tell If Your Website Is Mobile Ready

Testing to see if your site is fully responsive and mobile-friendly is very simple. Pull out your smartphone, and try to access your website. View the images, and try browsing around. Are all of the images loading quickly? Can you read the important text? If you have any difficulties accessing or navigating through your site, so will your viewers. Users who become frustrated will go to your competitor’s responsive website and are not likely to return to yours. If your website does not display correctly on mobile devices, then you need to upgrade to a more responsive design.

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