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Blogging Strategy

blogging strategiesBlogging is an effective way to create awareness for your website, and to bring in potential clients. Regularity and consistency are key, and a well-planned blogging strategy is important to keep the process running continually over time. Effective blogging requires an understanding of what people are searching for and why, intensive research of relevant topics, writing helpful and informative blog posts, and strategically incorporating keywords into your posts. A blogging strategy is vital to ensuring that the output of your blog exceeds the input.

Plan Your Blogging Strategy

As a blogger, you are more than an online writer; you are a planner, a publisher, and an editor. Keep yourself ahead of the game, and your head above water, by setting a schedule to stay on track. Decide how many blog posts you will be writing per month for your blogging strategy, and at what intervals you wish to publish them.

blogging researchBlog Research

Every month there are thousands of blog articles posted online. To stand out amongst the crowd, you need to make sure that your blog posts are well-written and well-researched. Include facts and figures to add value to your blog. Enrich your blog further with keywords, which will ensure that your clients can find you easily by the topic of your blogs. Remember, you want your blog posts to be relevant to what people are searching for. The content has to match up to the title. Don’t try to trick Google. Ethics aside, it’s an unwinnable fight.

Catch the Reader’s Attention Immediately

Create a title that is punchy, relevant, and gets the attention of potential visitors. If the title gives the reader an indication that the blog will provide them with information that is useful, they are more apt to keep reading. If you’re having difficulty getting started, think about what would get your attention and make you want to continue reading. Another tip for designing a great title is to think about your target audience: what are their genders, ages, preferences, etc? Think about what you would say to them if they were standing right in front of you.

Use the Right Keywords to Reach your Target Audience

Figuring out the right keywords for your blog posts requires a high degree of self-knowledge. People search for a lot of different things online; you need to figure out what people are searching for that is relevant to your service.

Consider who exactly your audience is, and what message you want to get out to them. Once you understand what people are searching for, and how these searches properly relate to your business, craft your articles around these searches. Work backwards. Don’t just write a post, and then try to shoehorn keywords in later. Remember, you’re not smarter than Google; play by the rules.

blogging researchBlog Promotion

Once an article is completed and uploaded to your blog, the blogging process is far from over. You must still work to promote your posts. Some ideas for promoting you blog posts include:

  • Tweet or post about your blog articles on other social media accounts to gain further attention.
  • Tie the unique content or keywords within each post to other posts, pages, or links.
  • Diversify content to reach wider audiences with each subsequent post.
  • Send links to colleagues, well-known bloggers, and even regular readers, requesting their comments and feedback.

Track Blog Popularity with Analytics

Always ask yourself this question: are your blog posts helping you achieve your goals? You want blogging to be an effective marketing strategy, not a waste of time. Track and measure the effectiveness of each post, and figure out what you can do to make them more effective. For example, using Google Analytics can help you track the traffic rate on your blog, or the number of conversions with which your blog is credited. Type keywords into Google or other search engines, and see for yourself if your blog posts come up.

Research Other Blogs and Websites

Especially at first, it may be a good exercise to look through competitors’ blogs, or blogs within a similar field. Type a keyword which you would like to use into Google, and see which blogs come up first. Read through the content, and get a feel for how a successful blog post might look. Get to understand how to incorporate keywords into the body of a blog post in a seamless way, which does not disrupt the flow or effectiveness of the writing.

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